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  1. Start by brushing your Miniature Schnauzer out thoroughly. You will want to make sure your dog is free of mats and tangles before beginning to clip or cut the hair.

  2. Using #2 (1/4" or 6mm) or a #5 (5/8" or 16mm) blade or whatever desired style you want to give your schanuzer, begin moving clippers downward from the base of the skull to the tail.

  3. Follow the pattern in the diagram above, clipping downward on either side of your Schnauzer's body to just about an inch above the hocks.

  4. When clipping the top of the skull, cheeks, and throat, gently move the clippers against the grain being careful not to apply much pressure.

  5. Continue clipping downward on the chest area stopping just at the shoulder blades.

  6. Using scissors, shape legs, underbody furnishings, and tail, as above.

  7. When trimming the Schnauzer eyebrows and shaping the beard, face your dog and comb hair forward. Cut a straight line to the outer corner of the eye. Don't remove too much of the beard but do trim it up a bit also.

How to Groom your mini Schnauzer 


Dog Teeth Tip: Start brushing your Schnauzer's teeth daily, RIGHT AWAY! As a puppy! It will help stimulate his gum lines and help him become comfortable with the process of having routine dental cleanings.

Nail Cutting Tip: Dog nails have a hard outer covering and a soft inner part called the quick. The quick is the living part of the nail that contains blood vessels and nerve endings. So always stop cutting as soon as you see a little dark circle appear in the center of the nail. If you do cut the quick and bleeding occurs, use the styptic powder to stop the bleeding.

Dog Grooming Tools


Professional Electric Clippers; Nail Clippers; Grooming Scissors; Thinning Shears; Slicker Brush; Clipper Blades; Ear Cleanser; Bath wipes; Bath mats; and Towel. 

Whether you've decided to take your Miniature Schnauzer to a professional dog groomer or groom your Schnauzer at home, you will need to have some basic dog grooming supplies on hand in order to keep your Miniature Schnauzer's look during those in-between trimmings and salon visits.

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